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Growing in the Spirit of Jesus Christ

Sunday, December 21, 2014

very nice...

nice guys

In my high school yearbook, and throughout my life, the comments most often associated with me, were nice, friendly, and smart (this last because I was in the high/accelerated section).

Now those are always very "nice" comments... can think of some I would not wanted attached to my profile. But, a part of me, always wanted to be thought of as exciting, very fun to be with, or makes me laugh.

 Now you have heard the expression... "Nice guys finish last". Well, I am an example of a "nice" guy that finished a winner... with a wonderful family. Still we nice guys have had more than our fair share of rejection... it appeared that most of the cute intelligent girls as an example, were looking for excitement... you know from the "bad boys" who paid them lots of attention, made them laugh, and were really fun to be with.

 Oh, the girls were almost always friendly with the nice guy and may even spend some time with them.. at least until something or someone more exciting turned up. What is important however, is not your sex appeal, or even your friend appeal, but your relationship with your Heavenly Father.

 He loves and wants to spend time with all of us. Spend time with Him... and not just a hello (how are doing?) either... real quality time and a lot of it. "Any" relationship requires a degree of trust and commitment. And this relationship is not based on who we are, but on who God is.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

We all carry excess baggage.  The longer we live, the heavier that baggage becomes.  Soon we become ships at anchor, staying in safe waters, never to sail far from where we are comfortable, nursing the few things that bring us temporary escape and some form of happiness.  Restricting us from experiencing new adventures, we deprive ourselves of any possible new found joy.  I understand but still find it terribly sad.  Friendships are like that.  We hold on to a few and hope not to lose any of those.  Possible new friends are kept under constant scrutiny as the baggage of the past throw up new barriers for future growth and weigh us down with imaginary storms. Eventually, if we are not careful, we can no longer move forward, even if we want to.  We become like the turtle with his shell, slowly testing each new step forward, and retreating back to safety with each and every new possible threat.  In time we never leave our shell.  

"It was a day in the life
Full of sadness and of strife
You never thought you'd make it through
Feeling people think the worst of you
Although it isn't always said
The nightmares follow you to bed
And when you dream it haunts you still
It holds you down against your will
So many tears have drowned your past
But the suffocating wouldn't last
One day you woke and saw the truth
Of the pain and suffering that stole your youth
Something special made you well
It broke that sad and awful spell
You new at once it wouldn't end
The happiness given by a true friend."
- Author Unknown