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Thursday, July 5, 2012

on a boat long ago...

July 05, 2012

My Sailor Outfit

Our family was visiting with relatives
one summer many years ago.
I was probably eight years of age,
or thereabouts.

Several of us took a motorboat far out on a lake.
The boat was a medium sized craft
with twin outboard motors.

For some reason, the boat stalled
and both motors died.
Try as we might...
we could not get them started again.

Dark, ominous storm clouds
were approaching.

As the clouds got closer,
the wind picked up...
 I for one, became scared...
and began to silently pray.
My prayer was for the motors to start...
but they just wouldn't turn over.

We had no method of communicating
with anyone and appeared to be alone on the lake
except for one small outboard motorboat.

As the small boat got closer to us,
we noticed that it was manned 
by one lone, young boy.
He seemed to notice our predicament
and as he came alongside, he asked if he
could be of any assistance.

Throwing us a rope,
he slowly towed us to shore
just ahead of the storm.

Prayers answered but not
the way I imagined.

I wonder how many unknown
blessings were received
from the way God
answered that prayer...
including the young boy
who towed us to shore.
I know that it
impacted how I
thought about the Lord.

Sometimes our prayers are not
answered in the way we want...
and sometimes it appears
that our prayers are not
answered at all.
But God always hears
and always has our
best interests at heart.

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