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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the new ipad...

the new ipad

My wife, son, and daughter
(along with some money I managed to save)
went together to get me a new ipad...
generation three... for Father's Day.

During the time I was recuperating
from my emergency appendicitis
(last summer)
my son's ipad2 (that I borrowed)
was, for me, a lifesaver...
a new device with new apps
to learn and explore.

I vowed then to eventually get one.

Thankfully, over the years,
my wish list has shrunken considerably.
Still, I find at least one...
usually somewhat expensive item...
that starts me saving my pennies.

Of course, it is imperative
to budget time accordingly...
the temptation, with anything new,
is to let it become an obsession.
Priorities must be set...
first and foremost... time with
the Lord in worship and service to Him...
and, of course, quality time
with family and friends.

Electronic gadgetry or other toys/tools
are rarely necessary (in my case) but
they can be useful and they help
keep me mentally alert and creative.

Discovering new and useful apps
is half the fun.
Some of my favorite apps
are Pandora, Blog Docs, FaceTime,
the several Fotopedia apps, Ticket to Ride,
TubePad, a couple of 'news' apps,
the Weather Channel, photo editing apps,
and of course, the Bible apps.
But there are so many... and
I keep finding new ones... many free.

It is a great way to store
electronic books, music,
photography, and videos.

The mobility of a hand-held device
that does so much is very nice to have.

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