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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

God's gifts and your sin...

God's gifts and your sin

We all have God given gifts and talents.
Those gifts are a large part of who we are
and they lead to how we think
and how we respond to the world around us.
They can be both a blessing and a bane.
They affect the pattern of sins
that are most appealing to us
as well as the pattern
of how we serve God.

This is part of the power of temptation,
because the pattern of your sin is related
to the pattern of your gifts.”
- John Ortberg

In John Ortberg's book,
the me I want to be,
He gives several examples of this
by sharing nine of these “patterns”.
Let us look at the
“artist pattern” and divide this “gift”
into its strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths: Loves beauty and goodness.
Brings imagination to life, love, and faith

Weaknesses: Finds that the need to be different
can become an end in itself. Can be tempted
to give in to impulses and live an undisciplined life

Biblical Example: King David, who had strong gifts
as a poet, dancer, and composer of many psalms

According to Ortberg,
“It is critical to learn the patterns
at the core of the me you want to be
and the corresponding sin patterns,
for no one is more vulnerable
than the person who lacks self-awareness.
Jesus warned about people
who go around taking spects
out of others' eyes while
failing to notice the
two-by-four in their own.
My signature sin is my own two-by-four -
so appealing to me that it is
my biggest danger,
so close to me
I am apt not to see it.”

In reading Ortberg's book
I was made aware of this
gift/sin relationship.
A good book to have in your
“Spiritual Growth” library.

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog. It is a blessing and makes one stop and tink more deeply. God bless!