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Friday, June 29, 2012

A trip to the shore...

My dad, brother and I
A trip to the shore

Our summer vacation usually involved 
a trip to Atlantic City on the New Jersey shore...
when my dad found the time from work.

My dad was a family doctor.
In order for him to get away, he had to make sure
none of his patients were extremely sick
and none were critically hospitalized
(this was during the age of house calls).
Plans had to be made with a couple of other doctors
to cover for him as well.
We usually went for several days up to a week or so.

I have vague memories of playing on the beach,
splashing in the water a couple feet from shore,
eating honeydew melon for breakfast
(a favorite even now when I can find a good one)
and playing shuffleboard at the hotel.

A couple of events however stand out vividly in my memory
during two of those trips.

Once I poked myself in the eye while trying to put
a sock over a very damp foot.  My hand slipped
and bam... I gave myself a shiner.
I think that particular trip was cut short
because I remember my brother
was very upset with me for spoiling it.

Another time I thought I was going to drown.
Father took my brother's right hand and my left hand
as we wadded out from shore among the breakers.
All of a sudden I was being pulled head first into
an oncoming big wave.  
Evidently this was all planned between the three of us...
(to dive into a big wave)... my first at this sport.
but somehow I didn't remember and wasn't ready.
I might have been about six or seven years of age...
my brother, six years older than I.

The strange thing was... I didn't panic.
I remember becoming very limp
and thinking... well this is it...
completely at peace.
Yes, I took on water and came up
coughing and gasping for air,
but I think it could have been a lot worse
if I had panicked.

Thinking back on that experience,
I believe that even though
I was not actively pursuing a walk with God,
He was walking (and has always walked) with me.

I would bet that if you allow yourself to reflect...
you will also realize that He has always walked with you.

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