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Growing in the Spirit of Jesus Christ

Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15, 2011 (The Sound of Silence)

Be sure to turn off (or pause) the music on this page below, before playing the video here.

This song was written in 1964 when I was 19 years old and became a favorite of mine back then. I have not heard it for many years... until just the other day. There have been many "interpretations" of the song.

For the first time, I see huge religious/spiritual significance in the words. Seeking darkness (not in an evil sense, but as in a quiet place to be alone with your thoughts). Walking neath the "halo" of a street lamp (the "light" shedding truth on an otherwise cold and dismal world). A vision leaving seeds planted as in a dream. The harsh reality of a world worshiping a man-made selfish Babylonian society in the form of a seductive neon light. Many, many people actively speaking foolishness (talking without saying anything), not seeing anything but the blinding harsh light of their own self interest (looking and listening but not seeing and hearing) relying on (putting their faith in) their own wisdom and the wisdom of this world. And then there are those that know the truth and refuse to share it with those who do not... even failing to encourage and support their own brothers and sisters in faith. The silence remains... the truth is not being spoken or shared by so many believers. God is being rejected because too many people (even among the religious) treat Him as either non-existent or so far away only to be called upon as needed and refusing to let themselves be taught or guided by His will. The silence remains. The handwriting is on the wall for all to see but they see it not or seeing it refuse to accept it as truth. And the silence grows. If you hear the whispers let His Holy Spirit convict your hearts.

It is the way I see it... :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

April 08, 2011 (a dream)

passionate splendor

Let me tell you a story…

I had a dream sometime ago that I would like to share with all of you.
It wasn’t an “Epic” dream… just a short video clip.

Arriving in Heaven, I found myself in a dorm lobby.
There were others there…
several of them were well known during their earthly existence.
All were waiting for the evening dinner call.
The call came and I was told to simply follow the group to the dining hall.
After arriving, our group lined up with everyone else
in what appeared to be a cafeteria of sorts.

Food of every type and description was available.
If you like food the way I do… yes… this was Heaven.
No canned tuna or spam here.
There were several hard working, but happy, servers
that kept the food trays replenished and worked the kitchen.
For some reason, I felt moved to ask if I could help them.
Pleased that I should ask, I was given the job
of keeping some of the fruit trays filled…
fresh apples, peaches, oranges, strawberries…
every kind of fruit imaginable…
and all of it looked and smelled “heavenly”.
Many were served.

Although busy, I did not feel a bit tired,
and it felt great to be working
with such a friendly, happy group.
Finally it was our turn to partake of the abundance that remained.
We took our food to the far end of the dining hall
where remained one last table.
Much to my surprise there was Jesus sitting at the end of “our” table.
And there also were Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
I remarked to several of those with me…
WOW, I guess we are very lucky this time to be sitting
at the very same table as our Lord and these others.
No, they kindly replied… no luck involved…
this is a special reward to those who happily serve.

“I say to you that many will come
from the east and the west,
and will take their places at the feast
with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
in the kingdom of heaven.”
- Matthew 8:11 NIV.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Song for a stormy night... 3/16/11

Sometimes we come across a song/video that speaks to us. This is one I found that speaks to all of us who have ever (and hopefully are still) in love. It can be viewed as a father's love for his daughter or more importantly "the" Father's love for all of us. I pray you will all find peace, joy, and love while viewing.