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Growing in the Spirit of Jesus Christ

Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31, 2010 (winding down)

2010 is winding down…
very soon it will be 2011.

Like all years, it was filled with ups and downs
but the blessings from God our Father
continue to bring us joy and peace.

Back in late October, early November,
I finished two new projects…
my first published book and
a 2011 calendar.

The calendar was created using software from Mpix.
The book (It is how I see) was created
using Blurb’s software and is still
available for purchase at…

A full preview of the book can also be seen
at the above URL.

This upcoming year, dependent on the Lord’s guidance and will,
I have tentative plans to publish another book or two
as well as a new calendar for 2012,
and hopefully a few other projects as well.

Up to this point in time,
I have been using a Panasonic Lumix (DMC-FZ20)
point-and-shoot camera for my work.
Post processing was done in Adobe Photoshop CS2.

For Christmas this year, my daughter,
has made it possible for me
to get a new camera and an extra lens.
Cost was the limiting factor but
as I researched the products
available to fit my needs
I found a camera kit (the Canon Rebel T2i)
and a zoom lens (Tamron
SP 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di VC USD)
that received high marks
and still adhered to the budget.
This will provide me with a much better sensor
for larger prints and will permit me to shoot in RAW.

Thanks to my son, this spring,
I will have a new (custom made) computer
and a newer version of Photoshop.

Hopefully all of this will allow me to
take my photography to a higher level.
Saying that, it is remembered,
that it is still the photographer
and not his equipment that captures
and processes the final image.

It is the Holy Spirit
within me that allows
me to see.

I am excited to see where the Lord
will lead me in the new year.

I pray that all of you experience
a very blessed and joyful 2011
in Jesus name and for God’s glory.

Let us remember each other in our prayers.


  1. Good for you with the published book! I looked at it on the link. It is beautiful. Thanks for an update . . . . and prayers for you, too for a wonderful new year to serve HIM more!

  2. Very nice-looking book. Wishing you many blessings in 2011.