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Friday, August 6, 2010

August 6, 2010 (weekly capsule)

Friday, July 30th

Today, my wife, daughter, and I took a day trip to Doylestown, PA.
We toured the Fonthill Museum, home of Henry Chapman Mercer.
Henry, quite eccentric, designed and constructed Fonthill
from reinforced concrete.
The exterior and interior of the building both reflect his
passion for the bizarre.
Here was an extremely intelligent and driven man,
always learning and always collecting artifacts
from wherever he traveled. Henry spoke
at least five different languages and earned
two degrees… one from Harvard
and a second from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

This guy survived on only 3 hours of sleep each night.
That would allow, for most, an extra 3-4 hours of active time
every day… approximately an additional full day per week.
Just think… an eight day week…
more time to learn, to grow,
to worship, to be of service to others.
The idea is tempting… but at what cost?
I need more rest to remain at a productive level.

Saturday morning - early
(the last day of July)

It is said of Edward Weston that he arose
around 4:00 AM to focus and reflect.
”Peace again! – the exquisite hour before dawn,
here at my old desk – seldom have I
realized so keenly, appreciated so fully,
these still, dark hours.”
– Edward Weston

The way to overcome sin is not so much
to remove what the Lord says is wrong
as it is to “replace” those wrongs
with what the Lord says is right;
to replace the selfish, uncontrolled
pursuit of childish behavior with
child-like trust and obedience…
to allow the “old man”, in me, to die
and to replace him with the new man
in the likeness of Christ.

I get angry with myself, then upset,
and finally ashamed with my repeated failings.
It appears that I still have quite an appetite
for worldly pleasures and a nagging
lack of self-control.
The difference now is that over the years
I have grown, and more importantly,
I know I am forgiven through the death
and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Edward Weston, reflecting on his earlier life…
”How young I was. That covers everything.”
- Edward Weston

How young in spirit, I still am…
I am still learning to forgive myself.

Sunday, August 1st

Our pastor just recently started a new series of sermons
titled WOW - Works of Wonder.

Just think of all those times
when we are so completely amazed
that we just can’t help but say,

This reminds me of a series of books,
that I highly recommend,
by Squire Rushnell…

Monday, August 2nd

The highlight of the day was going out to dinner
with my son and daughter…
Dad’s day out with the “kids”.

We went to a Thai restaurant…
The Bangkok Wok.
This was my first experience with Thai cuisine.
I had the chicken Pineapple Curry
(Pineapple chunks simmered
in coconut milk red curry.)
Very yummy!

OK, I admit it…
I asked for the “mild” version.

Tuesday, August 3rd

My wife and I went to Roots…
a favorite farmer’s market
for fresh fruit and vegetables.

We also picked up some ham loaf…
a mixture of ground ham and ground pork
that is made similar to meatloaf.

My wife makes both a great
meatloaf and ham loaf.

We eat well!

Wednesday, August 4th

Thought about mowing the yard today
but will wait until Friday… forecast… not so
hot and humid.

My son and I went for coffee this morning
before he headed back home.

My daughter had us over
for shish kabobs on the grill.

Did I mention that we eat well?

Thursday, August 5th

Coffee out with a very good
friend today… since he is Jewish
and I am a Christian,
we occasionally, as relates to our different beliefs,
have some interesting conversations.
Whatever the topic,
it is time well spent with a great guy.

Went to the “new” gym I signed up for today…
orientation for “Silver Sneakers” program.

Read that Medicare will last
an additional 12 years from last report (maybe)…
to the year 2029.

I will be 84 by then, if not
taken by the Lord before that.

Tomorrow, it is to the gym, early, after
my devotional time. Have to work off
all that good food and keep
God’s temple fit.

Then it will be time to mow
the grass before I have
the equivalent of a wheat field.

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  1. Very, very interesting. I, too, like to do a journal of sorts with my blog since I have family and friends who live out of town. That was my main purpose for starting it. I enjoyed reading what you shared with us today from Henry Mercer who slept very little at night to the food on your plate. Food, family, and friends are important to us, too. Part of the excitement with food comes from our limited budget when we were children and had fewer choices in menu options. Plus the variety of cuisines available today exceeds those of our youth.