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Growing in the Spirit of Jesus Christ

Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13, 2010 (weekly capsule)

Sunday, August 8th

Have you ever become enamored
with a dream? Dreams are fine
as long as they do not become a roadblock
to spiritual growth. All dreams must be
brought before the Lord to be certain
that they follow His will for your life…
then the hard part…
while pursuing your dream,
take time to wait and trust in Him.
Some doors open, some close,
and some forever remain shut.

My dream (currently) is to have a bigger
and better camera… one that will allow
larger hardcopy prints of high image quality.
Money, of course, is the issue.

I have been told by two different reliable sources
that a fine art photograph in my possession
(by George A. Tice)
could go a long way in providing that money…
the problem is to find that “special collector”
willing to pay what it is worth.

I will trust in the Lord.

photo by George A. Tice
(Amish country – near Lancaster, PA)
taken sometime in the late 1960’s

Monday, August 9th

Today I attended my first “silver sneakers”
class at a local gym. I had no idea
what to expect. The class consisted of myself
and eight ladies.
I felt, at first, very much out of place.
Here I was the younger male exercising
with a group of senior females.
I should have been in a class more suited
to the stronger of the species.
My embarrassment soon turned to shame.
These classy ladies, of the fairer sex,
could run circles around me…
and they were so much more coordinated,
as I stumbled to keep up.
Remembering that football players
take ballet lessons to improve
their reflexes and flexibility,
my manhood was reaffirmed.

I will go to the Thursday class as well.

Tuesday, August 10th

Back to the gym in the afternoon… this time
for a cardio workout on the treadmill.

Later, that evening, my wife and I
took a leisurely walk down the lane
near our home.
Two whitetail doe and a fawn
crossed our path ahead, followed by
a buck and another fawn.
This is the first time I have ever witnessed
a “family” of deer together in the wild.
Always before it has been a lone mature buck,
or a grouping of doe with or without fawns.
They move so silently, with grace,
but with such speed…
definitely a joyful moment, as I took
my mate’s hand in mine.

Wednesday, August 11th

I had breakfast out this morning
with an old friend. We were good friends
all the way back in elementary school…
another blessing to renew a friendship after
almost 50 years… and to discover
that we share the same faith and love
in Jesus Christ.
Please pray for Ronnie as he goes
on a short-term mission trip to Uganda.

Later in the afternoon I accompanied
my daughter to deliver a load
of Styrofoam to a recycle center downtown.
We all must be good stewards of
the Lord’s creation.

Surveying our yard, I see a need
to remove some excessive (and unwanted)
vegetative growth circling our house, the shed,
and the borders of our property.
What is one man’s weed is another man’s flower.
I love native plants and enjoy wild violets,
yellow wood sorrel, cinquefoil, clover, etc.
(our lawn is full of them) but…
this overgrowth must go.
With the high heat and humidity
this summer’s greenery has been
excessively flourishing.
This year we have already had 25 days
of temperatures over 90 degrees.
Last year we only had three.

No gym today, so my wife and I took another walk.
No wildlife and very still… the air thick and heavy.

My son has flown to Texas for a job interview.
I pray that he will be lead into
a job and a place where he will
be of greater service to the Lord.
Please pray for him and his safe return.

Thursday, August 12th

It is early morning and still mostly dark.
There is a gentle rain.
Out on the porch with our three cats…
it is sultry but the rain is still refreshing.
With a distant rumble of thunder,
two of the “scaredy-cats” bolt for the door
and rush inside. Kokomo,
he of the Hemingway paw, remains.
Kokomo appears, at times, to be a bit kooky
and is subordinate to the other two.
However, he shows no fear as he settles down
on a cushion and enjoys a reprieve
from his “superior” feline friends.

“I will give peace in the land;
you shall lie down and none shall
fill you with dread or make you afraid;
and I will clear ferocious (wild)
beasts out of the land…”
- Leviticus 26:6 AMP

Back to the gym for another ROM class…
this one was well attended…
AND… eight men along with eleven ladies.
The instructor worked us a bit harder
and included some cardio exercises.
I’m feeling better and more fit already!

It rained again later in the afternoon…
more blessings from Heaven.

This evening the rain ended
and my wife and I took a (this time more
brisk) walk. The rain cooled things off considerably
and lowered the humidity… feels wonderful.


  1. The picture in your header is BEAUTIFUL. I like your weekly update format - - a journal of each day. Good for you all with the exercise! The more we do it, the better we feel but it is definitely a conscious decision and effort to keep disciplined. Your kitty is too cute!

  2. Kokomo is so sweet -- and the picture in your header IS beautiful! As for dreams, God has a way of re-working mine! (His are always better, anyway!)

  3. I do like this format. This was such an interesting walk.