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Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30, 2010 (my career - my faith)


I am a retired high school biology teacher,
having taught in the public school system for 30 years.

The question of how I justify my career
and my faith has often been asked.
No justification is necessary as there is no conflict.
Oswald Chambers said, “The boundaries
of our knowledge must continually enlarge and alter.
That is why no intelligent person would ever ask,
‘Does the Bible agree with the findings
of modern science?’ The question all enlightened
persons should ask is, ‘Do the findings of modern science
give us a better understanding of the scheme
of things revealed in the Bible?’”
Does each new scientific discovery lessen
the “miracles” of God and explain how events
took place without need for a “supernatural”
God directed intervention or does
each new scientific discovery
(our increasing knowledge)
perhaps give us another, very tiny, glimpse into
the workings and plan of God?
He not only created the earth and the heavens
but also the laws of nature and the universe
by which he uses to accomplish, even now,
His will. This is not to say
that God cannot step outside those laws
if he so chooses. I happen to think
however that God’s original
plan (His creation) is so perfect and His control
so without limit,
that He can, and does, work within
the parameters He set
from the very beginning.

Our knowledge is less than puny compared
to the awesome knowledge and understanding
of God… perhaps that is why… each small discovery
we make becomes, to us, such a glorified accomplishment
of man. Instead we should glorify the Creator.
“How great is our Lord! His power is absolute!
His understanding is beyond comprehension!”
- Psalm 147:5 NLT
“Does a clay pot argue with its maker?
Does the clay dispute with the one who shapes it, saying,
‘Stop, you’re doing it wrong!’
Does the pot exclaim,
‘How clumsy can you be?’
I am the one who made the earth
and created people to live on it.”
- Isaiah 45:9,12 NLT

What appears supernatural to us
simply shows how little we are capable
of understanding. We will never
be able to understand God
or possess even an infinitesimal
amount of His knowledge and wisdom.

Once again… to quote Oswald Chambers…
“What is a miracle?
There is no such thing as a miracle
to the soul who belongs to Jesus Christ.
There is nothing unusual in the work
that the Holy Spirit does,
even though it seems out of the ordinary course of nature
to our finite sense and judgment.
Jesus Christ can heal the body.
He can deliver the tortured mind.
God grant us the grace to know our ignorance
and to get out of the way with our limited knowledge,
so that we will let the Holy Spirit
bring our majestic Christ face to face
with the diseased, sick folk we have to face!”

Admitting our ignorance and believing
in the active presence of an all powerful
divine intelligence is a first step
toward wisdom and understanding.
A giant step is taken when we
allow Him to guide and direct us…
trusting, obeying, and following His will
for His glory.


  1. I would like to invite you to visit my blog. I would love to get your thoughts on some of my recent posts.


    God Bless!

  2. I love your blog. I too see God everywhere, in nature, in people, in everything, and I love photography. Unfortunately, I have no talent when it comes to taking photos. So,I follow several photoblogs and I enjoy the talents of others like yourself. I just love the way you combine your faith and your photography. Through your photos you display the works of the Creator. Excellent! Thank you. I shall visit often.

  3. Right. It's not for the Bible to prove that science is real. It's the other way around~ Mind if I share this link?

    God bless~

  4. Starlee... by all means... please share with others. God bless!