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Growing in the Spirit of Jesus Christ

Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4, 2010

photo by Ronnie Benner

“He walked with God.”
How fantastic is that?
To walk with God.

Enoch (Genesis 5:24) and Noah (Genesis 6:9)
are both mentioned in the Bible as walking with God.

So many say that they believe in God
but it is a god of their own making.
Instead of “God created man”
they follow just the opposite…
a man created god.
They want a god on their terms…
a caring, protective, giving god
that is only around when they want him around,
and who will look the other way
when they desire to follow
more worldly, sinful pursuits.

So what is walking with God?

It is to be “ever mindful” of Him.
It comes only through consistent prayer,
daily digestion of the Word,
and obedience to His commands…
all of which is the foundation for
true belief, trust, and faith in Him.
It is the process of spiritual growth.


  1. Larry, my spirit does bear witness with yours. What a great post. It thrills my soul to meet a brother or sister in the Lord. I'm so glad you joined me at Daily Grace or I might never have found you. God bless you richly. Keep writing. You are being effective for the kingdom of God.

  2. Amen on the "Kingdom of God" Shrink!
    So many claim to know God as you say yet walk right past a person in great need. Sad because we never know when we might me entertaining an angel.

    God's timing is so impeccable that if we aren't being obedient and paying attention, looking for instruction, we will surely miss a blessing.