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Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11, 2010

If you followed the TV series “Lost”,
you are aware of the series finale.
It’s an aptly named series as I, for one,
was lost through much of it.
The show always left you
with more questions than answers.
Not unlike real life… I might add.
A Christian friend once told me
that although he was a believer in Jesus Christ,
he had a lot of questions he would like answers to
once he reached heaven.
If only we would spend as much time
contemplating, praying, and
discussing (with other true believers)
the mystery and enigmas of this life
and our divine purpose in it…
Then again… that is why we have
faith and trust in Him.

I don’t watch a lot of TV,
but this series, for some reason,
peaked my interest.
Here was a group of travelers
from different backgrounds,
each (like all of us),
carrying a lot of excess baggage
(no pun intended).
They, like us, waver between
right and wrong, good and evil.
Although not Biblical in nature,
the series finale was exceptional
in pointing out, that in order
to be forgiven, we must first
learn to forgive.
And in order to “move on”
we must accept that forgiveness
and forgive ourselves.

To do so we become part of the harvest
from a hopelessly “lost” world.


  1. Beautiful. Very inspiring.

  2. I re-learned recently that *I* am indeed the only block to receiving forgiveness. It has been freely offered in Christ from the cross ("Father forgive them. . ."), but I need more than that. I need God to give me the grace of true repentance and contrition as well. My sorrow for my sin must go deep enough so as not to be mere lip service, but not so deep as to sever my relationship with my ever-loving Lord.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love both of your blogs. I used to say that when I got to heaven I was going to God, "why did you test me so much?" then I realized that I would just be so happy to see him I would have no questions, no words.